About the Photographer

Meet The Crew

Preston & Lauren started there passion for photography 14 years ago in a dark room inside their local High-school in Colorado. From their Preston worked for 5 years as a photo specialist at a local retailer developing photos and selling camera's. He did it so well that he actually built clients from this experience alone and to this day have kept in touch.


Time does not stop and eventually the desire to want to make something more from our previous experience was weighing in. We decided to move to Florida and make our first go at the business in 2006. In 2009 still yearning for more experience in not only the Photography field but in post as well, We knew that with any art you have to stand out amongst the crowd and the best way to do that was simply two key elements. Lighting knowledge, and post production. With this in mind in 2009 Preston attended the Academy of Art University and obtained his Bachelors Of Fine arts.


Today having a strong background in artificial lighting Preston & Lauren are now equipped to give their clients what the big retailers cant, and thats variety. The world is SUCH a beautiful place and to trying to mimic it with a simple muslim background is a waste of your money and quite frankly a waste of your wall space. We take pride in each image shot and when you hire us you should take pride in knowing that your images will not be seen any where else.



We utilize state of the art equipment, Lenses, Strobes, modifiers, generators, all brought to a set that will bring your session to life ! We love Photography, and were proud to know that while everyone yearns to leave their mark on the world , it gives us no better pleasure to know that where able to do this for you while also making our mark as well. It just happens to be hanging in your home, or your social media page.